Ways To Get Motivated To Read The Bible

People often struggle with their Bible study time. I hear them say that they have difficulty finding the motivation to do it and that it is difficult to read their Bible consistently. Although we all know that the Bible is good to read and feel fortunate to have it, we don't want to. It can be confusing and even boring to read.

Check out the Bible's own words about God's Word.

Your statutes are a joy to me, as is the pleasure of great riches. I reflect on your precepts and think about your ways. Your decrees delight me; I will never neglect your word. Psalms 119:14-16 NIV

Reading the Bible is more than something that we should or must do. It's something we get to do. You can even enjoy it. How can we be motivated to spend time in God’s Word?


This topic has been a hot topic in conversation about goal setting and living intentionally. I believe it also applies to our quiet time. Why would you like to spend time in the Bible, and why? It's not motivating to say "I have to" because it doesn't inspire anyone. This makes "I have to" do whatever it is sound like a chore, a tedious responsibility, or a necessary evil.

This is not how you should read the Bible.

"I know ..."" is a phrase followed by quickly a "but". It is not motivating. It's not encouraging. No, no, I do not.

Think about why you want the Bible to be read. What is your motivation to read the Bible? Are you ready to dive deeper into the Bible stories that you were taught as a child? Are you interested in learning more about Jesus? Are you looking to deepen your faith? Are you ready to destroy everyone at Bible trivia night? Be specific and honest. Why are you so determined to read the Bible right now?


You might be confident that you should read the Bible. But you don't feel like reading it. It's OK. However, don't let your emotions dictate your faith or your relationship with Jesus. Let me be honest with you, and the feelings won't always be there. It is not likely that you will be excited to read your Bible every day.

Motivation isn't about feeling like doing something - it's about finding a reason to do it anyway.

It can be challenging to spend time with God and read the Bible for long periods. Pray about those difficult times. Tell God how you feel. Ask Him to grant your desire. You might not want to read the Bible right away, but you want to. You are only one step away.

This Bible verse can be used as a prayer:

Your law may open my eyes to beautiful things. -Psalms 119:18 NIV

God wants to spend time in your company. He doesn't want to make it hard for you. If you ask Him, He will grant your desire.

This verse also applies if you are hesitant to read the Bible because it is hard to understand. God can motivate you to read your Bible and help you understand the content.


Perhaps you have been taught one way to study the Bible, but it is boring. There are many ways you can read and study the Bible. There is no one right way. Many Bible study methods are available online, and many people will show you how to do them. Each one is unique.

Open to new ideas! If something is not working, don't be discouraged! It's OK! Try something different.

You might have tried one method for a while, but now you feel stuck or at a dead end. You can switch things up.

It should not be to a Bible study program - your commitment should be to Jesus. Do not feel obliged to read a devotional you don't enjoy.

It has been a great help to find a devotional or study method I enjoy. I can also switch it up when I get stuck.

You don't have to be afraid to use your quiet time creatively! Here are some creative ways you can get into the Bible.


Sometimes, I am overwhelmed by stories about people who spend an hour in silence every morning. It sounds fantastic, but it is incredible.

Perhaps you are just starting to read the Bible for the very first time or if it is the first time in a while. An hour seems overwhelming and lengthy. It doesn't matter where you start. You might one day find the time and motivation to dedicate an hour of your morning Bible time. But right now, it is okay not to be there.

Begin with just five to ten minutes. Begin by reading one chapter each morning. Begin with a brief devotional. You can start small. God will speak to you whether you spend one or 100 minutes with Him.

Start small with an easy Bible reading plan. Click here

For quick, unique devotionals, I recommend the First5 App, and He Reads Truth/She Reads Truth, as well as the YouVersion Bible app.


You can slip into the trap of avoidance or forgetfulness when you lack motivation. Make it easy for yourself. You can set a time for your devotions each day. Set a reminder or alarm for your phone to ensure you don't miss your Bible time.

Your Bible study materials should be placed where you will see them. Are you having trouble focusing on the TV and not your Bible? Place your Bible on top so that you must grab it first.

Plan to spend time with God and then take concrete steps to implement it.


This is my favorite tip for building motivation. It's not easy, I know. However, I have found that the more time I spend reading the Bible, the I feel more connected to it. The more I read and study the Word, the more my love for it grows.

It is easy to get into the trap of not doing something if you're missing a day or two. Do not let one missed day ruin your ability to do the next. Keep going, pick it back up and move on.

Your words are sweeter than honey to me! -Psalms 119:103 NIV

Although this may not be the best description of your relationship with God right now, it is possible!

Do you have a Bible Buddy?

Friends make everything better! You can support each other and grow together by doing faith-based activities together. You can find a Bible Study partner, join a Bible Study group, or have an accountability partner to help you stay on track.


Motivation can easily be confused with the desire to do something. It is easier to follow through if you have the right feelings, but it is more critical to staying committed.

If you feel discouraged about studying your Bible, pray for motivation and continue to learn.

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